July 24, 2015




Workshop 1: Origami

Ellen Yi-Luen Do
Co-Director, Keio-NUS Cute Center

This workshop aim to get people through the cycle of Think - Make - Observe process, discuss and envision future life and interaction. The participants of this workshop will make a unit modular origami by working together toward a specific goal. They will write and make diagrams, as well as making something up, which can open to many unexplored ideas. They will discuss, brainstorm and talk about ideas, material and design methodology upon the origami.



Workshop 2: Videoing Mobile Interaction - Opportunities for Understanding Mobile Device Use, from Phones to Smart Watches

Barry Brown
Research Director at Mobile Life VINN Excellence Centre, University of Stockholm

In this workshop we will draw on our experience with using video to record and understand mobile device interaction. I will discuss using wearable cameras as well as screen recording software, and we will try some practical ‘hands on’ recording and data analysis.



Workshop 3: Cardboard VR: Building Low Cost VR Experiences

Mark Billinghurst
Professor at University of South Australia

Over the last year Virtual Reality (VR) has become very popular due to the availability of the Occulus Rift and other Virtual Reality Head Mounted Displays (HMD). Google released the lost cost Cardboard viewer, allowing almost any mobile phone to be able to be used for a VR experience. The goal of this workshop is teach attendees how to create their own VR application using the Cardboard viewer hardware and Unity3D software. The main objective is that by the end of the workshop attendees should feel confident to be able to create VR experiences.


Workshop 4: Emotional Design: Designing a Product that People Love

Borrys Hasian
Founder of CircleUX, Singapore

We’ve seen and we’ve been using products that people use a lot. It’s not just attractive, it’s fun and pleasurable, it’s also effective and usable. How can we design such product? Understanding what makes an emotional design would help us to have a structured approach in coming up with a product that people love. The workshop will help the participants to understand about the factors what make an emotional design, identify them in other’s product, and come up with ‘emotional design plan’ for their own product.


About CHIuXiD Workshop 2016

  • The workshop will be held in conjunction with the conference.
  • The length of the workshop is 90 minutes.
  • No additional fees will be charged to the participants to attend the workshop, unless it needs a specific material or use of equipment.
  • The workshop will be organised as a hands-on workshop.


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