July 24, 2015

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Stories have been traditionally an integral part of every culture in the world, including the diverse Indonesian culture. In the Indonesian culture, stories reflect pedagogical values through an oral tradition of story-telling. While most Indonesian stories have a happy ending, some end up in tragedy, or include some tragedy in them. Similar with the reality in the business world, the stories of success and failure, or often success through failures are inseparable in educating businesses to improve performance and avoid any pitfalls.

Business Stories is a platform for companies, professionals, and entrepreneurs to share business insights, case studies, experience, stories, and tips related to Human-Computer Interaction and User Experience. Newly introduced to CHIuXiD 2016, the platform will explore the connection between vertical industries and the field of Human-Computer Interaction and User Experience.

If you are interested to share your business insights, case studies, experience, stories, and tips related to Human-Computer Interaction and User Experience, please feel free to contact Adi Tedjasaputra at adit@acm.org.

Business Story #1

Designing UI for Non Tech-savvy Indonesians

Kudo is built and designed for the mass millions of Indonesians who are not familiar with technology and e-commerce. During this session, he will touch on design techniques that have shown to be both effective and non-effective for the non tech-savvy customers who are operating on 2G / slow 3G mobile networks.


Arnold Saputra

Arnold is young and fearless Head UX designer at Kudo. He previously worked with BlackBerry, Bandung Smart City, Telkomsel, IBM and was responsible for creating comprehensive UX design. He’s passionate about creating design that have impact for people lives.

Business Story #2

Shu-Ha-Ri : Lessons Learnt From Building 6 Companies and 101 Clients

Shu-Ha-Ri is a way of thinking about how you learn a technique.

Shu: In the beginning stage ...
Over the course of 16 years since 1999, Michael has built 6 companies : 3 service companies and 3 product companies. He has also had the fortunate opportunity to work with 101 clients across a number of industries and teams.

Ha: At this point the student begins to branch out ...
He will share his continuous journey from an early tech background and transition towards user research / design and product management. If there is time he might even share the year he spent taking online spaceships very seriously.

Ri: Now the student isn't learning from other people, but from his own practice.
Michael applies all the lessons learnt along the way to help shape The Collab Folks which was founded to coach and mentor startups and growing SMEs across Product Management, User Experience and Agility.

As he believes cycling is a great way to tell stories, he also co-founded Bicycl.asia - Ride Your Story : a community for cyclists from all over the world to share stories about their rides and connect cyclists to new experiences. He has lost count of the number of times he talks about cycling in meetings and how often it connects back to his work.


Michael Ong

Michael Ong

Michael ONG is Coach and Founder Mentor @ The Collab Folks, an Agile, Product Management & User Experience coaching company started in Singapore. A relatively young partnership with Ruth HO and Lena QUEK, it brings together Michael’s 16 years consulting in the tech space, delivering a spectrum of projects for Mobile Payments, Logistics Tracking & Surveying, Cleaning Inspection, Merchant Monitoring, Online E-Commerce and Real Estate Portals.

Michael has worked with startups to MNCs in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Australia. He is passionate about helping founders chart a path towards growth and currently provides startup mentoring and team coaching in the topics of Agility, User Experience and Product Management. Michael also speaks on the topic of Agility, User Experience and Product Management. He is involved with local community Agile Singapore and is also a co-organiser with UX Singapore and Product Works, the latter of which aims to bridge product teams in Asia.

Business Story #3

The Best UI Is No UI

As an end user, familiarity with UI elements and knowing what to do intuitively requires years of soft education, drawing from life experiences and clues from our daily lives. At Sale Stock, we serve users from a wide range of background from mid-to-low income group of people with varied understanding of technology, from highly familiar to non-existent. We will share how we're designing for the future where UI elements are no longer a stumbling block for technology adoption.

Thomas Diong

Thomas Diong

Thomas is a part of the founding team at Sale Stock - his role is Chief Data Officer. His daily operations include managing the eCommerce company's business intelligence, data infrastructure and conducting data science research. He was previous Head of Analytics at payment gateway solution Veritrans and has worked at Yahoo, Apple and Spuul.

Business Story #4

Life as a UX Designer: Facing the Giants

Knowing the best practice of how UX should be integrated and applying it in a day to day routine in the workplace is two separate things. People who understand the theory of UX might expect to put it into practice in the workplace; unfortunately, it is not always the smoothest process. In this sharing session we will look into the most common challenges faced by UX Designers and more importantly, practical ways to overcome and solve the challenges.


Melody Budiono

Melody is a Senior UX Designer at Blibli.com. She got her bachelor degree in Informatics with Human-Computer Interaction specialization from University of California, Irvine. Before joining the startup world in Indonesia, she was previously a UX Consultant working with many clients in different industries including healthcare, insurance, and technology..


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